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Save the world… online

Okay, let’s be honest here. I don’t believe in ‘like this picture and facebook will donate…’ crap. That’s nonsense. But recently I’ve stumbled upon couple of web pages with very simple philosophy. You donate a small amount of money (starting i.e. at $2) and support some cause. For this, you usually get something nice, color, tree… you name it. You can even donate in the name of somebody and this person will receive a gift. Personally I like giving  a color to somebody way more than any of the traditional gifts. Why I like this much more than any of the ‘adopt a kid’ and stuff like that? That’s easy. If I have to pay let’s say 300 euro per year for school for some kid, I’ll notice that on my account. Being a student, I really cannot throw the money out of the window. But 4 euros or similar amount will go unnoticed on most people’s account and it might help somebody. So below I list couple of projects I liked or supported. If you also like them, please don’t stop at only liking and support them. It’ll make the world a little bit better.


Reforesting Patagonia

Patagonia is a gorgeous piece of land in the southern part of South America. There’s an amazing national park with really beautiful moutains, called Torres del Paine. Unfortunately due to wildfire, lots of beautiful trees which grew there burned down. Reforest Patagonia is raising money for planting new trees in the region. Price for one tree is $4 and you can give it as a gift. You’ll receive a certificate with the GPS coordinations of your tree, so in couple of years, if you’ll travel there, you might find a tree planted under your name.

More info can be found at this webpage.


Own a color

There are millions of colors and even our smartphones and laptops can display more than 16 millions of them!!!  And not every of them has a name. So buy a color and name it. You can own a color for little over 1 euro, which will be a donation to UNICEF, organizations helping protect kids’ and young people’s rights. You’ll get a certificate of color ownership and the name of your color will appear on the spectrum they put on the webpage. You can also give the color to somebody, which makes a nice gift.

More info can be found at this webpage.


Free rice

Here, it get’s even better. You don’t even need to pay, just play and educate yourself. My personal favorite are english synonyms, around level 35 it get’s really hard :) Webpage get’s money from the ads displayed on it so the more you click on it, the more money they get. Don’t forget to turn off your adblock. The organizations provides free rice for people suffering from the food shortage. For every right answer, you donate 10 grains of rice.  It goes mostly to asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh… I’m not sure how the banner moneymaking works, but the game is fun.

You can play and procrastinate for long hours with it here.


Adopt a star

This one goes little bit beyond saving the world, but it’s still nice. If you feel like you want to give somebody a piece of sky, don’t go for the land on the Moon, adopt a star and support research. The stars you can adopt are from the Kepler satellite field and might harbor planets. But to find out if they do, you need to carry on long research, which is not for free. Adopting a star is $10 and goes exactly for this research. If you want to be sure that your star had a planet, you can adopt one with confirmed planet, but that’d cost you $100. And of course, this can be a gift, since you receive a certificate with star coordinations, brightness and identification number.

Adopt your Kepler star on this link.

Kiva microloans

I haven’t tried this one, but after reading about it, I think I’ll give it a try. Kiva’s a microloan service. You make $25 loan to some little business you can even choose. If the business is viable, you’ll get your money back from the profit. Those go to your kiva account and you can relocate them to another little business and over and over. Or you can withdraw the money and spend it on something completely different. The return rate is supposed to be 98% which is pretty good. I really like the idea. The people who need donations are mostly from central America, Africa and India.

More info can be found on kiva project website.