Sunset on La Tarta

Sunrise is stunning… but sunset is not far behind. There’s a spot I’m really fond of, close to the observatory. It’s called La Tarta (the cake). It’s a viewpoint with  very nice view of Teide and Valle de Orotava, usually filled with clouds. The best part? It faces west, hence it’s perfect spot for watching the sunset. But beware, it’s cold there, even in May/June. Accompanied by my friend Natalia who came to visit, we were waiting and freezing down for an hour, waiting for the sun to disappear behind the horizont. First picture is HDR, combination of 9 images taken with Canon 7D & 15 mm Canon FishEye at f/8.0…

Sunset from La Tarta

Second image is far from perfect, but it was first attempt to use ND filter with clouds. Unfortunately I forgot lens hood, hence I have ghosts on the image. Canon 7D & 28-135mm kit lens, Hoya NDX 400 filter 80 seconds exposure with f/22.0. I guess I need bit more practice here, but I’ve gotten the ‘fuzzy clouds’ which was essentially the aim…

La Tarta view

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