Here is a collection of links I somehow like or check frequently. For fun, procrastination, work related… you get the idea.

Work related

Astrobetter tips for profesional astronomers, ranging from career advices to software.
Astrobites the Astro-ph reader’s digest. Extremely nice when one wants to learn something from different field.
Astropython python for astronomers. Has pretty much all the answer to ‘standart’ problems.
Matplotlib another python related page. Dedicated to plotting in python. Nice examples.
IAC my institute. The pages are both in Spanish as well as in English.

Fun related

PhDcomics it’s fun because it’s true (or sad, depending on the point of view).
XKCD  comics with a wonderful sense of humor.
Cracked  be warned, extremely dangerous site. You can procrastinate for hours there.
Bash funny short conversations, remarks, misspellings etc. Kind of fun to read.
FMLife ever feel bad? Just go here, read for a while, there are people who feel worse right now.