La Palma, September 2013 & February 2014

So on the way to explore Canary islands, I visited also La Palma – the steepest island in the world. So farm I’ve visited twice, once for pure joy and once for observations, hence pure work. It’s an amazing place if you love the night sky, it’s a must…

2 responses to “La Palma, September 2013 & February 2014

  1. Hello Jana,
    I was reading through your experiences in the Canary Islands and i am totally enthralled by the images. However why is it that i see ‘double images’ (the next one can be seen in the shadow od the first one) when i open the picture in the internet explorer.
    I would also like to know that if I have a long term EU business visa and i am based for some time in Morocco (Casablanca) then can i travel to the Canary Islands?

    • Hi,
      thanks for liking the images. The double issue I haven’t encountered as I don§t have any computer where I’d be using IE around.But I’ll look at it and try to fix it, thanks for pointing it out.
      Well as for the visa, I’m an EU citizen, therefore I have no trouble with visa, also I came here while having a work contract, so I cannot really advice on that… but check spanish foreign policy, there’s for sure some info there.
      Have a great day and I hope you manage to go to visit the islands one day!

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